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Open Call Information


What is Open Call?


Open call is for talent and models, ages eight and older, that are looking for representation from the Bell Agency in both Oregon and Washington.  An open call is an agencies' way of finding new talent, and the talents' way of interviewing for acceptance into an agency.


When and Where is Open Call for the Bell Agency?


We usually have open calls on select Fridays each month from 2:30-4:30 p.m. at our office in Bellevue, Washington. We have open calls once per month from 2:30-4:30 p.m. at our satellite office in Lake Oswego, Oregon.  We do not have open calls if there is a holiday in that week. Talent will been seen on a first come, first served basis. You must have been invited to the open call by submission before coming and we will give you the next date and location of the open call closest to you.


Before you come to an Open Call:


Please email us with your submission in advance if you intend to come to an open call. Make sure that the subject line on your email reads  "Seeking Representation". Please include a few pictures or headshot, resume and a short statement expressing your interest in coming to an open call. Please also include which location you would like to interview at. 



What to bring  to an Open Call:


1) Please print the "Talent Information Form" on the website under "Forms", fill it out and bring it. 


2) We expect both models and actors to come prepared to show us a one minute monologue. A monologue can be anything that you have memorized out of a book of monologues, off the internet or any part of a movie. Your monologue helps us determine your talent in acting. We videotape your monologue so that Colleen can get to know you and we have something to share with clients. You may read your monologue from paper if you would like. Again, regardless if you are interested in acting and/or modeling, we want everyone to be prepared with a monologue.   


3) Please be sure to bring a copy of your headshot. You may bring as many photos as you would like; please be sure you are able to part with these photos because they will not be returned. 


4) A copy of your resume. Your resume should outline your past work in the industry. It should indicate your height, weight, age range, and supply us with contact information. There is an example of a resume in the forms tab that outlines some basic information that should be on your resume. If you sign with the agency, we will give you further instructions on how to edit your resume.


When you come to the front desk there will be a sign-in sheet.  Please sign in and be sure to print clearly. Have a seat; we will call you when we are ready. 


What to wear to an Open Call:


It is always a good idea to be "ready" for the camera.  We want to see you put your best foot forward. 

Solid bright colors works best on camera.  Clothing should be casual and clean. Your hair and makeup should be groomed and worn the way you normally do. 


After Open Call:


We normally take two to three weeks to make a final decision on your acceptance into the agency. Colleen will email you with an offer to join our Agency or to let you know that we are not interested at this time.  If you are not offered representation, we will let you know why and offer suggestions on how to resolve the issues.  We still want to help you achieve your dreams.  If you are offered reresentation, you will be mailed a packet that contains a contract. Please feel free to reach out with questions after you have read the packet of information.



We look forward to meeting you!






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